How do I respond to my detractors?




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    Angela Paolini

    Very helpful! Thank you!

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    Nancy Strand

    Good article.  But we are trying to find out if our "public response" to a detractor is automatically emailed to the detractor.  Do they get some kind of notification when we respond?  Or do we have to send them a separate response as another step?

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    I have the same question as Nancy. It would have been helpful for me if there had been a response!

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    Daniel Smith

    Hi guys. If you want to follow up with a detractor about an issue, I would recommend going through the closed loop task pad first. That way you know the detractor has gotten a chance to respond. Once you have communicated with the detractor, then a public response might be appropriate to let all potential customers who see it how you handled the situation.

    So to answer your question, no, when you leave a public response, it does not automatically email the detractor.

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